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Ted talk - compassion gets a hard time

In early 2019, Kirstie Papworth was invited to give a TeDx talk on her specialist subject - compassion. Having studied the effects of compassion in organisations, and the psychological effects of self-compassion on leaders, Kirstie’s talk was a broad introduction to compassion.

Compassion is often thought of as being soft and fluffy, but it’s actually a powerful, resourcing choice which is incredibly good for us as individuals and societies. In her talk, Kirstie covers some of the commercial, neuro-scientific, and organisational benefits of compassion.

The link to the TeDx talk is below - we hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share, and to give it a ‘like’ on the TeD youtube channel:



EY lean in keynote speaker

Kirstie was recently invited to give a keynote talk at EY’s LeanIn Circle, Jersey. The talk examined why coaching and mentoring make a difference to careers. As well as covering some of the behavioural change and psychological aspects of this topic, delegates were treated to ‘top 5 pitfalls to avoid’ - healyitis, anyone?!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening with a warm, enthusiastic audience.

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bbc radio interview on coaching & mentoring

BBC Radio Jersey heard about the EY speech, and asked if they could interview Kirstie as part of their drive time show - live on air, just before she went onstage! Well, why not?